Hyro Da Hero, Marmozets, and Astroid Boys

On the 18th February I somehow managed to persuade Andy (@chrisnotwell) to come along to see Hyro Da Hero at the Borderline. I say it like that as although I have been well into Hyro since the first time I heard Ghetto Ambiance, Andy on the otherhand has not been so keen.

Alas, he did accompany me and I think it is safe to say we both had a very enjoyable and surprising evening.

There were four bands in total on the bill however we missed the first group. I can't remember their name now either.

The first band we caught were Astroid Boys. It's safe to say they were not our cup of tea. They reminded me a bit of Goldie Lookin Chain without the comedy lyrics. I won't be in a rush to see them again.

Astroid Boys

However, second band Marmozets completely blew us away. Rarely do you see as many people (if not more) for a support act as you do for the main act. In fact this has only happened on two other occasions I can think of - Hundred Reasons supporting Muse at Portsmouth Guildhall in 2001 and Artic Monkeys supporting Maximo Park at Brixton Academy at the start of 2006).

They have a big buzz about them already garniering support from two big rock magazines (Rock Sound and Kerrang) and Daniel P Carter on the rock show on Radio 1. For such a young band they are as tight as bands who have been playing for 20+ years. And they seem to have hit upon a metalcore formula that works for the masses.

I highly recommend popping over to iTunes and downloading their EP. At £2.50 it's criminally cheap.


Last but not least, Hyro Da Hero. I loved the album and had high hopes the live show would be even better with a live band. I wasn't wrong! We were even treated to a guest appearance from Sean Smith of the Blackout who joined Hyro on stage for Beam me Up Scotty, Whole World's a Stage and Sleeping Giants.

Hyro Da Hero

The performance was opened with Ghetto Ambiance and closed with Sleeping Giants, so the whole gig was bookended by my two favourite tracks. I was disappointed not to hear System Overload but to be honest, the whole gig was so good I didn't care. On the basis of the live show Andy has now been converted to a fan.

The whole night was an awesome continuation of an already gigtastic looking year.

Me and Hyro Da Hero

Last but not least - if you want to see proper photos of Hyro Da Hero, look at @ashbirdphotos pics from the Rescue Rooms in Nottingham here. He also has a decent pic of Marmozets on his website here. You will need to scroll through a couple but it's a decent pic.


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