Ok, I am late to the party on this one. My friends @bermans @Annnushka and @Mattlutch have been on for some time and even my lovely other half has been on it for the past 6 months. I, however, only signed up this week.

I was wary of it to begin with and not sure how it would fit into my music listening world which already features Spotify, BBC 6 Music, BBC iPlayer (for the shows on too late to listen when broadcast live), and 30gb worth of music and counting on my iPod.

But after a fair bit of persuasion from everyone else, I caved and opened my music habits to the network.

I started adding friends intrigued at what our music compatibility would be. Unsurprisingly Andy and I are a super match (well, duh) but my friend @tin_fish and I have a very low compatibility. Mind you he was talking about Engelbert Humperdinck and the Lighthouse Family on his blog early so can't say I am surprised!

Today I added to Spotify on my work computer and started to utilise the "recommended albums" facility. So far, so good. I'm always looking at ways to discover new music but not subscribing to any music magazines currently and relying on those recommended by friends and Daniel P Carter's Rock Show, what I discover is bound to be limited. This however is opening up a new way of discovering music based on what I actually listen to rather than what the major record companies are currently pushing.

Already I have added a new album to my Amazon wish list by a band called Norma Jean recommended to me because I listen to The Dillinger Escape Plan.

A new chapter of music listening is now open to my ears.

(If you want to add me as a friend on my user name is london_fox)


  1. If it makes you feel any better, I'd never heard of Last FM or Spotify until your blog.
    Have just signed up to both- can always use more music in my life :)


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