Mastodon, The Dillinger Escape Plan and Red Fang @ Brixton Academy

*I am seriously behind on blog posts at the moment. A couple of seriously busy weeks plus laptop issues (I really need to get a new one but just cannot afford it at the moment) has be behind by a couple of weeks. There will be a number in the next few days as I try and catch up.*

After a fairly barren year of gigs last year it was nice to start 2012 with gig of fairly epic proportions.

Two of my favourite bands on the bill plus another I had checked out in the week running up to the gig and realised they were fairly awesome too.

It was a fairly awesome gig. Loud, epic and an amazing anthemic end with Creature Lives from Mastodon's latest album The Hunter.

The Dillinger Escape Plan

Greg Puciato climbing the mountain of speakers


Everyone loves balloons at a gig!

The Creature Lives - with all the bands out on stage!


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