Super Scrimping and New Year Aim No.5

The other week I watched a new programme on Channel 4 called Super Scrimpers. I was excited at the prospect of saving more money than I already do and hopefully achieving New Year Aim No.5 sooner than my current forecast of June.

The show had some great tips including learning how to sew which fits in nicely with my sewing aim and tips on getting a professional looking manicure cheaply. Ok so I am not really into the types of techniques they performed on the show but I feel I get awesome looking nails with the various artistic nail varnishes, top coats and stickers in my nail varnish box.

After the show I signed up on line for daily aims to help me on the way to a super scrimping lifestyle. However as soon as the first task came through I had a sinking feeling and by day three the sinking feeling was more a harsh reality. I am already a super scrimper!

Task 1 was to get your finances in order and understand what you are spending your cash on. I know exactly where my money goes - bills, a smaller part of travel these days following increasing the number of days a Week I cycle, food and probably the one area I could save - going out.

Task 2 was a 'no spend day'. I have these fairly often in the week especially when I am in my normal office (lack of facilities in the other office such as a microwave and a decent kettle restrict my money saving ability when I am there). Fridays are normally the treat day of the week. So it was hardly a change in routine to have a day of homemade lunches and use of the free tea bags at work.

The 3rd task was to try and reduce down bills. Again this is something I have already looked at. My rent is cheap, my gym membership is well used and cheap for the area, I have cut down on food and travel costs and I pay a huge chunk off my debt each month. Admittedly I probably could have negotiated more with my phone bill but I wanted a new iPhone. Even still nearly a third of my take home pay is going towards paying off my debt and I still have money to go out during the month. I hardly feel I am living on the edge or particularly spending money on frivolous things.

All in all it appears I am actually fairly good with my money. I just need to curb the going out a little if I want to try and get my debt down that little bit earlier.

As far as getting my debt down goes I am not doing too bad. I sat down at the start of the week and came up with a spreadsheet of all the remaining things I have left to pay and worked out how much I could pay each month and where that would get me to. The current forecast as stated above is June. That is a far way off and ideally I want to be debt free long before that but I need to be realistic. The car will not MOT itself and although I would love for my eBay items I have to sell to be the making of my millions I feel it is unlikely.

There are things to do and things to sell so hopefully I can bring the date back to May. That for me would be ideal. The sooner the better really.


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