Valentine's Dinner Party

Way back in the day when I devised the 28 list, two things I listed as wanting to do before I am 35 is hold a dinner party and learn how to make a baked cheesecake.

This year I agreed with Andy to head out for a Valentine's meal on the 15th February (our payday) and have a dinner party for my flatmates and Sarah on Valentine's itself.

Considering I have never done it before I somehow managed to get the timings spot on. No one was waiting for food, nothing was served at the wrong temperature and everyone has plenty of food.

Special credit has to go to my flatmates who decorated the dinner table and supplied the Love Hearts, and also to Andy for supplying the gorgeous red roses. Also big thanks to my flatmate Steph for the lovely bottle of pink champagne.

Love Hearts

As part of the dinner party I attempted to make a New York Style Baked Cheesecake. Although I did end up with a rather tasty baked cheesecake, it wasn't a New York style one sadly however I will be attempting to make one again with a different recipe. I finally used the food processor my mum bought me back in 2007 which made things so much easier. My guests didn't complain so it must have still be pretty tasty.

And what dinner party wouldn't be complete without a Come Dine with Me style scoring at the end. Thank you Tadders!

Last but not least, I managed to use another of my cook books - Cook Yourself Thin. From the book I used the Lasagne recipe as well as a side dish recipe of tomatoes roasted in balsamic vinegar. Tasty!

Bruschetta for starters

Lasagne, Balsamic roasted tomatoes and garlic bread


Chocolates for the coffee/tea

And what dinner party would be complete without a Come Dine with Me style vote!


  1. You can't see the video... which for me is a good thing... not so good for your blog.

    And the food was yummy!!!!!


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