Pub Crawl into the Unknown

It's been a while hasn't it? It wasn't until I sat down to see what I have yet to write about on the blog that I realised just how busy it has been.

On the 2nd March, @chrisnotwell and I printed out a map with all the pubs in the Borough area we had not yet been to and devised a pub crawl taking in the places we have yet to frequent. It also gave us an opportunity to check areas we were not too familiar with in preparation for something we have planned later this year.

Pub Crawl Planning

First stop of the night - The Whitesmith Arms.

A great little place. Not the most amazing selection of beers a friendly place. Also had the added benefit of a pub cat!

Unfortunately said Pub Cat moved too quickly for me to get a decent picture. There was also a pub dog!

Secondly we proceeded to The Britannia. We were intrigued by this place after spotting it on a walk home one night and even more intrigued one morning on the walk to Joes Kitchen in Borough when the windows weren't steamed up to see all the whiskey bottles in the window.

We did enjoy it. A better ale selection that The Whitesmith Arms but nothing out of the ordinary. However if you are a whiskey buff, this is the place for you with more whiskeys on offer than I could count.

Onward to the next pub then. This time The Leather Exchange. Now I had been to this pub before for either a birthday or engagement - can't remember which as it was a long time ago.

It's a Fullers pub so the standard fare is generally on offer (London Pride, Honey Dew and ESB that night) but it lacked a real choice that I have seen in so many other Fuller's pubs. the pub looks great but it's one of those places that just doesn't know if it wants to be a gastro type place or a normal boozer.

Carrying on in the direction of home we found ourselves on Bermondsey Street which the estate agents would have you thinking is bursting at the seems with bars, restaurants and pubs. Well there are a few but it's no Borough market.

First off we headed to The Garrison however as they say on Beer in the Evening - this really is a restaurant not a pub. After queueing for a while we gave up and headed over the road to The Woolpack.

Again it lacked real ale choice however I was happy to see some Meantime beers behind the bar so opted for the London Lager. We were just about to finish up and head to our favourite local, The Dean Swift, when I spotted a friend sat down in a booth that I hadn't seen for 5 years. We headed over to say hello and with him were all of the old group of lads I used to spend Saturday nights clubbing with back when I first got back from Uni.

So none of the pubs we visited are going to have us going out of our way to head back to but the night was worth it just to catch up with some old friends. I love bumping into people in London. In a city so big it feels as though it should be impossible to do so.


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