I am still alive!

I am still here. It's been a busy few months (ah, April was the last time I posted? Where the hell did this year go?).

I have been hampered on blogging due to technological issues (my stone age laptop takes most of the evening to boot up and blogger does work very well on iPhones! No idea why though).

But the end of the year is coming and so with it will come my top ten albums of the year, a reflection on my aims for this year and what I will set myself for next year.

For now though a quick summary on the past 8 months in bullet form:

  • Work has taken up the majority of my time. So much so Andy and I have not managed to escape the pitiful summer we had. In fact we only managed 5 days off in a row which still involved phone calls into meetings and email checking. Sigh.
  • Moving - this took out most of July (and the two months before while we hunted for the perfect pad). We started moving only for the car to die and then had to do what we could until we could get it fixed. But we are in and settled now. The flat is amazing.
  • Slightly hectic social calendar - this year has been the busiest I can remember. November was the first month we had a free weekend since January.
  • Craftiness. The sewing machine has been out. My collection of glass paints have increased massively and I have even handmade some Christmas decorations this year. There will be some blog posts on these soon (I hope!).
  • Cycling and skating. After a chat with the doctors who said my racer bike was probably causing some of my back troubles I decided to invest in a new set of wheels. I bought a mountain bike as did Andy and most weekends we have been out and about as well as commuting for me. We also had a bit of an impulse purchase on inline skates. I am not quite as good on them as I was on quads but we were getting the hang of it before the weather turned. We are hoping to sign up to some lessons next summer.
Right, time to start whittling down my albums of the year!


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