Top Ten Albums of the Year - No. 1

Baroness - Yellow and Green Album

It's been a mixed year for Baroness. They were embarking on a sell out tour in the UK and enjoying success with their latest album but whilst travelling between Bristol and Southampton, their tour bus careered off the road into a valley after the brakes completely failed. Luckily no one was killed.

Their lead singer and guitarist John Baizley was the last to leave hospital after he broke his left arm and left leg. Thankfully John is now on the mend and despite initial worries about whether or not he would be playing a guitar again this side of Christmas, thankfully he is already jamming with fellow bandmates.

But the album. It's a two part album - The Yellow Album and The Green Album. Of the two I have to admit that the Yellow Album is my favourite however the Green album is also awesome.

This album is definitely mellower than the Red and Blue albums but it still has some awesome riffs.

I've played the album to death during the year. I highly recommend checking it out and if you haven't listened to Baroness before, this is a great album to start off with.

There are so many great tracks on this album but I have gone with March to the Sea. I hope you enjoy!


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