Happy New Year!

Happy New Year all. So we are now into 2013 and normally I would now be listing out my aims for the next year.

I'll be honest though. 2012 was fairly useless! This was my progress for last years aims:

1. Get Down to 61kgs - Not even close. Even more annoyingly when I last got on the scales I was tipping the 66kgs mark. Must do better this year!

2. Learn to Sew - Now this one I did do After completing a basics sewing course in March, I have used the sewing machine since and made Tadders outfit for Halloween. Admittedly though that is all I have done. But, I have a dress making course lined up before March and I also have a few craft projects to start that should help me perfect my sewing skills.

3. Cook a Recipe from all of my cook books - I did cook something from most of my cook books but I still have others to do. As @chrisnotwell and I got a few more cook books for Christmas I think it is time to have a purge.

4. Give Blood - I tried to sign up but as yet I have not given blood.

5. Get Debt Free - I did do this. For about 4 weeks. I am back in debt now but I have a new job starting in the new year and a number of bits to sell so hopefully in the new year I can stay debt free.

6. Complete the PRINCE2 qualification - In May I completed both the foundation and practitioner course.

7. Learn a language and be able to have a simple conversation - I didn't even pick a language. One for another time.

8. Read all of the books on my bookshelf that I have not yet completed or read - I read a couple of books off the shelf but then @chrisnotwell was kind enough to buy me a kindle for when I was travelling. I have to admit that I have bought a number of books on it and thus my shelf still contains a number of the books it did at the start of 2012.

9. Get my best friend a lovely boyfriend - well, I tried but sadly I all seemed to find her this year were frogs.

10. Bake cakes and learn how to decorate them - I kind of did this. I took part in a cake decorating course in June which I haven't yet put into practice but after investing in a better pipping bag I have got better at decorating cupcakes! I am sure there will be plenty more baking in 2013 to practice on.

11. Complete to charity run and a cycle - I didn't do any in 2012. I missed registration for a number of cycles and have been plagued with injury again in 2012 but in 2013 I will be running the Brighton Marathon, hopefully cycling London to Brighton, the Stroke Association Thames Bridges cycle and another cycle, name of which escapes me.

12. Do something new for charity - if baking cakes counts then I could say I did this but otherwise I didn't do anything new for charity in 2012.

All in all a rather disappointing year aims wise.

Therefore this year I am going to set myself less aims and hopefully complete them all. I think last year I bit off more than I could chew what with a rather demanding job, moving and a ridiculously hectic social calendar.

So, the 2013 aims:

1. Get fit and get down to 61kgs!

I have a marathon to run therefore this year there are no excuses! Now I have moved offices and I am nearer to home I have no excuse not to cycle to work. I need to eat healthily as part of my training and I need to run, lots. If I cannot complete this aim this year, I never will!

2. Sell one of my crafty bits to a stranger.

For Christmas I made a number of gifts and I really enjoyed doing it. The thing is there is only so much stuff you can keep for yourself and give to your friends and family. I have bought the domain name www.urbanfoxcrafts.co.uk and in 2013 I will build a website and see if I can sell some of my creations to raise a bit of extra cash and ensure my house doesn't become full of candles, photo frames and pin cushions!

3. Complete a run and a bike ride for charity.

As I have said I am signed up to the Brighton Marathon and I hope to be doing the London to Brighton bike ride later this year too as well as a few others.

4. Bake my own bread.

A fairly easy one perhaps but after making my first dough over the Christmas period to use up our Christmas leftovers I am keen to try and make my own bread. @Chrisnotwell got me Paul Hollywood's book for Christmas so there is no excuse.

5. Have a holiday!

@chrisnotwell and I didn't manage to get away at all in 2012 except for a night's break in Brighton. This year though we are going abroad! We need a break and after such a miserable year in the UK it will be nice to see some sun!

And this year I am going to leave it at that. Five manageable aims that should be doable. If I cannot manage these 5 then there is no hope for me! :)


  1. Can't believe you've given up on me!! SIGH.

  2. I've not given up on you silly! I will still be looking out for you as always! Just because it is not an aim this year doesn't mean I will not be trying :)


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