Training Week 1

The marathon training has started proper now. The effects of tonsilitis and the Christmas Break were evident in my lack of fitness and stamina but armed with a detailed training plan (that’ll be the Project Manager coming out in me – seriously why I didn’t realise until recently that this would be a good career move is beyond me) I completed my first week of training for the Brighton Marathon. The week in numbers:

160 minutes
17.5km (10.87 miles)

105 minutes
15.12km (9.40 miles)

Weight 66kg

I was considerably down on time but I didn’t do too badly on the distance. I should add that at the moment I have based my plan on my average running time being 8kmph but in all honesty I am probably closer to 9kmph. I am still a way off my peak running ability of over 10kmph.

The weight aspect I am slightly more disappointed in. My shape has changed a little since Christmas but still the scales will not fall below 10 and a half stone. I only have myself to blame. A Dominos might have featured in last week’s diet along with a lot of chocolate and some cheesy footballs, remnants of Christmas that are likely to last us until Easter thus placing temptation in my way.

This week I also experienced the displeasure of an ice bath. Seriously? What sadist came up with that?! As horrible an experience as it was it does appear to have some sort of miracle healing affect on my muscles. Clearly the sadist was onto something.

In addition to all the clever gadgets, gismos and equipment I already own for running and other exercise, I am currently talking myself into purchasing an iPad mini to assist with my training. I can see some of you asking how on earth such a device can help with running. It’s not like I can strap it to my arm like my iPod or iPhone (wow I am turning into one of those Apple people you hear about). Due to the weather the treadmill has featured prominently in my training this past week. The gym in our building doesn’t have a TV and the ones at the other gym don’t seem to work very well. Plus if you want a programme to take your mind off running it has to be something you want to watch rather than Eastenders!

I made use of my iPhone and watched a programme on that but the small screen made it difficult so this is where an iPad comes into play. I can watch programmes on a bigger screen and load up some films and keep myself entertained during the tedium of treadmill running.

If anyone wants to donate one/purchase one for my awesome running cause that would be very much appreciated! :) Anyone? No? :(

So into week 2 of training now and the forecast is wet. I need to run in the rain to be honest in case it is raining on the day. That doesn’t mean I enjoy it though!


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