Living for the Weekend

As another Monday fast approaches, I am already looking forward to the next weekend. In all fairness, next weekend looks fairly awesome as there is a possible trip to Camden, a gig at the Borderline and Chinese New Year to look forward to.

After a hectic Saturday yesterday I was quite looking forward to a Sunday in. But I am not particularly good at the whole day of rest thing. And even though I really should be resting at the moment (more on that in tomorrow's training update) I saw an opportunity to cross off most of my to do list.

There is nothing more satisfying than crossing things of a list, even if they are as mundane as "Tip Run". There is also something quite satisfying in having a clear out which we did this morning, creating some space and finally replacing our useless kettle.

The flat is also now tidy and hoovered thanks to @chrisnotwell. And while he has taken a well deserved break to play on his PS3 (think it's been nearly 4 hours now - I haven't got the attention span for it. I don't know how he does it) I have been busy with a red pen on a list which has steadily grown over the week.

So for the last 4 hours I have done all my banking, booked gig tickets, sorted out train tickets, written key dates into the diary, booked a sewing course, planted some herbs, stuck the last couple of months gig tickets into my scrap book, updated my blog, and caught up with some friends. All in all a rather productive 4 hours.

Just knitting practice, sewing practice and eBay listing left on the list.

I love a productive weekend!


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