Training Week 2

I was so pleased with how my training was going after my first week. I was determined to make the time and distance targets this week. I got onto the treadmill on Monday night armed with iPhone with TV programmes to watch, bottle of water at the ready and an air of determination. After 10 minutes though I knew something wasn't right and brought the treadmill down to a leisurely walking pace.

My heel was killing me. Girls will understand when I say it was like how the balls of your feet feel after a night on the dancefloor in high heels. The pain was dull but definitely there. I had to abondon the treadmill following a small stroll and headed back up to the flat with my tail between my legs.

Still feeling painful on Tuesday, a quick google search and asking advice from fellow running friends it transpired that running lots after not running for a while has a tendency to cause pain especially in the heel. I felt annoyed as I had taken precautions for my knees, back and legs but didn't even think about my feet. After all it's not like they don't get used often and I have a pair of fairly decent running shoes. However walking and cycling don't have the same impact on the heel as running does so naively I thought I would be ok.

Cue me sitting with ice packs on my foot and desperately looking at my training plan and wondering how badly this is going to effect things. I spent the remainder of last week cycling in an attempt to keep my fitness levels up and my leg muscles working but even I know it's no replacement for running. I have got some advice on natural anti-inflamatory cures, luckily most of which centre around curries. I have already taken the decision to forego running this week in order to try and let my heel heal. At least cycling all week should save me some cash! I'm also going to try and get to the swimming pool for more stamina work whilst taking the pressure off my heel.

So, the embarrassing stats for last week:

200 minutes
29km (18.02 miles)

10 minutes
1.5km (0.93 miles)

Weight 66kg

In addition to the above though I did cycle for a total of 230 minutes which was around 33 miles as well as 60 minutes of body conditioning. Weight-wise I was doing ok up until Friday when dry month ended. There might also have been cake and cream in my weekend diet that hasn't helped. This week I will mostly be eating salad!


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