Training Week 3

Nearly a month into the training now. Sadly injury issues persisted in the early part of the week forcing me off the treadmill and onto the road on two wheels. The weather was kind last week so cycling wasn't really much of a hardship although Monday was unseasonably warm and then Tuesday was bitterly cold. I can't help but feel that Mother Nature is having terrible trouble with her thermostat at the moment.

I had a sports massage in the diary for Thursday and apart from working on my ridiculously tight left hamstring, she also worked on my right foot. Afterwards the pain had gone much to my surprise. Still, I didn't want to push it just in case so I popped into Runners Need on Great Portland Street and was assisted by a lovely gentleman called Justin. I had a gait test to check I was in the right trainers which thankfully I am but he recommended some new insoles to better protect my heel. They felt a bit odd at first but once I was used to them I could feel the difference. He also gave me some very useful tips and helped me to understand where I need to be the end of the month mileage wise to ensure I am prepared for the marathon.

On Saturday I ventured out for a run. I didn't want to go too far from the flat just in case the pain returned so I stuck to running around the dock. Two laps later I was home and not in too much pain (there was a very slight awareness of it rather than anything to cause me to writhe around in agony). Although I haven't run for two weeks my pace is up to where it was two years ago when I was running more often so cycling and body conditioning clearly have had some positive effect.

Onto the stats. They don't look great really:

Planned: 215 mins
31km (19.26m)

Actual: 28 mins
4.43km (2.75m)

Weight: 65kg*

*although I should be happy as I have lost 1kg this reading was taken before a weekend of heavy drinking on Saturday afternoon and Sunday. I am too scared to get back on the scales and see what damage the weekend has wrecked on my body.

I did cycle 320 minutes which is roughly 50 miles over the course of 4 days and completed another session of Body Conditioning.


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