Training Week 4

Following last weeks conversations and figuring out what felt right for my heel and what didn't, I made some changes to my training plan to make it more manageable and hopefully limit the risk of causing further injury. I have decided to combine various activities such as cycling, body conditioning and running to keep my muscles working but impact on my heel low.

The weather wasn't great at the start of the week being both wet and cold but I managed a session on the treadmill and a few commutes by bike to keep up the momentum.

The only real stumbling block I hit was on Wednesday when I planned to do some interval training on the treadmill in the gym before body conditioning. It would seem the January effect is going on well into February this year. People were queuing for the treadmills so I jumped on a cross trainer, the only piece of free equipment.

But by the weekend the weather had vastly improved allowing me to get out in the fresh air. I need to plan my routes better for my longer runs as the circuit I planned wasn't quite long enough so I found myself doing a number of loops to make up the time. Alas, at least it is pretty where I live so it's not so bad running around in circles! And @chrisnotwell was kind enough to cycle alongside me for a while and keep me company. Hope he is getting the practice in for when I do my longer runs and I will need him to ride nearby to keep me supplied with water and carbo gels!

The week in numbers:

Planned: 160 mins
23.5km (14.60m)

Actual: 140 mins
19.85km (12.33m)

Weight: 66kgs (although looked more like 67kgs this morning)

I am pleased as the only gap in the figures is the missing session from Wednesday. Had I been able to get on a treadmill I am confident I would have made up this weeks numbers.

Weight-wise though I am annoyed at myself. As much as I would love to sit here and say it must be muscle gain I know it is more likely a combination of pancakes, valentines bubbles, chocolate cake, Indian and pub grub, and beer consumed during the week and weekend. Must do better this week! *looks at diary and sees celebration drinks, meal with the girls and a trip to Edinburgh* Hmmm. It's going to be tricky!

I also have my first donations now at Thanks mum and dad! x


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