Training Week 5

I've had a good week this week. I managed to squeeze in all but one of my training runs (I only missed a small one) which was an achievement in itself due to a packed social calendar.

I also had my long awaited doctors appointment, which did almost seem unnecessary as my heel had pretty much stopped hurting. I got some reassurance though that I was doing the right things.

I also reacquainted myself with ice baths this week. The process goes something like this post run:

1. Run bath full of cold water
2. Stare at bath for sometime assessing just how cold it might be
3. Jump around and slap my legs convincing myself that this will somehow make the bath feel warmer
4. Tell myself to stop being daft and get in the bath
5. Finally psych myself up enough and actually get in the bath
6. Make noises like a monkey and shout a number of expletives once my limbs are submerged
7. Shiver and wonder why on earth I am doing this
8. After 10 minutes (well actually only 30 seconds to 1 minute but feels like 10 minutes) decide enough is enough and have very hot shower.

It is not a pleasant experience but in all fairness it does help post run. That said it might also be the training that is helping to ensure a faster recovery come to think of it. It's difficult to tell.

This weeks stats:

Planned: 195 mins
28.5km (17.71m)

Actual: 180 mins
26.76km (16.63m)

Weight: 66kg

I am feeling rather pleased with this weeks stats. I missed a run in the week as I was out Wednesday and Thursday and squeezed my long run in on Friday morning before jumping on the train to Edinburgh. I am hopeful though that I will manage all my training runs this week.

Weight wise - after a heavy weekend in Edinburgh and I am actually surprised it has stayed as it is. Perhaps I should incorporate haggis, neeps and tatties into my diet more!


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