Training Week 7

This week has been hard. It's been busy which has made it harder than normal to fit in my runs as well as motivate myself to do them and on top of that my body is starting to resent what it is being put through.That said I have learned a lot too!

On Monday my legs hurt. My calves were sore and my quads screamed with every set of stairs I walked down. I had to cut my training run short as my legs literally felt like lead and I couldn't see the point in continuing and risking injury. By the weekend, my feet and both ankles were sore resulting in Project Kitten Heel being downgraded to Project Flat Shoe. Lesson learned - avoiding injuries is better than getting injured and flat shoes aren't all bad.

And then there was Saturday. A 12 mile run in the morning followed by a hen party. I'll be fine I thought. I will eat before I go and not drink too much. It will be fine! By 8pm I was hugging the toilet in Proud Cabaret feeling the effects of the alcohol I had consumed mixed with energy drinks, recovery milkshakes and what food I had eaten (considering I only joined the Hen party at 3pm it was a little embarrassing). Lesson learned - drinking and training do not mix.

Dehydration has been a killer this weekend. I still don't feel right despite drinking pint after pint of water and squash. I have at least realised that when running I need water in my bottle rather than energy drink. Lesson learned - Energy drink and carbo gels do not mix.

I have spent a lot of time running on the South Bank this week. It's nice to have a change of scenery from heading East from our flat. It is also helpful to practice dodging slower runners. But people aren't running on the South Bank. They are tourists, prone to sudden changes in direction, sudden braking and the ability it would seem to look straight through you and not notice your existence. On the plus side you get to partake in a little bit of parkour, using what you can to bounce off and round people. Lesson learned - tourists and runners in confined spaces are not the best mix but can make training more interesting.

Not all tourists are bad though. On my run home on Tuesday I was cheered on and high fived by a lovely bunch near Blackfriars Bridge. It certainly helps to keep you motivated and put a smile on my face.

Lastly before we talk stats, I am nearly at the halfway mark on my fundraising thanks to some awesome donations. Please keep them coming. Cancer Research is a brilliant charity and their work is integral to the fight against cancer. Please, please donate. Even if you can only spare £5, the money is all going to an amazing cause. If you wish to donate you can find my sponsorship page at

Stats for this week:

270 mins
38km (23.61 miles)

246 mins
38.18km (23.72 miles)

Weight: 66kgs

A combination of cutting Monday's run short and not being able to get on the treadmill for longer than 15 minutes on Wednesday made me miss the time target but on the plus side I hit the distance. Weight wise - I no longer care. I spoke to my sport massage therapist on Thursday and she said the chances of me losing weight are actually quite slim and I am more likely to gain weight. Hmmm. Well my body shape is at least changing so I guess the weight part is less of an issue for now.


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