Training Week 8

This week was even harder than last week. My muscles are now revolting against the gruelling training schedule they perceive I am putting them through. I ache. I am also incredibly tired.

On the plus side I learned this week that I can eat a vast amount of meat and actually not feel guilty about it as I am running the next day. This lesson also applies to pies, pizza, french pastries and Chinese. I guess there has to be some tasty silver linings to this training cloud.

Speaking of clouds, the weather hasn't really helped this week. Apart from spring deciding to jump back under the covers for a snooze we were treated to snow, wind and a lot of rain. Thankfully the snow didn't hamper my training (nor did it hamper my day trip to France although there was a lot of concern in the Urban Fox household that we were not going to make it either there or back earlier in the week). The rain and the wind however did.

There is nothing quite like being woken up on a Saturday to the sound of the wind howling past your bedroom window. We were battening down the hatches on the balcony in fear that our well used beer fridge may take off (or more importantly it's contents might get smashed).

After careful consideration (one look outside, a quick look at the met office app) I decided it would be best to postpone my long run to the Sunday for the sake of my electronics and my health. Plus I hate running in the rain.

It wasn't quite as bad on the Sunday at least but I still got wet. Hopefully this week will be better!

And I passed the half way mark on my fundraising page! Mini dance! If you would like to sponsor me you can find my page at Cancer Research is an awesome charity doing awesome things to fight cancer!

Stats for this week:

290 mins
40.5km (25.17 miles)

281 mins
41.33km (25.68 miles)

Weight: 65kgs

I lost time on the treadmill in the gym again although through my own fault this time as I was late leaving the office. The scales finally moved a bit this week. Yay!


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