Training Week 10

This week hasn't been the best. The weather is really getting me down and rather than looking forward to running outside I find myself embracing it with enthusiasm of going to the dentist.

But it's not just the weather that has caused me problems this week.

My right knee has succumbed to the pressures being put on it and on Wednesday last week I was struggling to walk. Couple this with sheer tiredness and the cold and you have a recipe for de-motivation.

I rested up for 3 days before running again and although I can run, it hurts. The good news I guess though is that it is a muscular therefore stretching and a couple of ibuprofen help. But I have now curtailed my training and am winding down for the big day.

I have also curtailed my drinking which on a 4 day weekend which involved a wedding (which had rockaoke and lots of very cheap alcohol) and a trip to a local brewery was sheer torture.

On the plus side, the sponsorship is still coming in. Thank you to everyone who has sponsored me so far. It really is the one thing keeping me going at the moment (well and maybe the promise of beer when I cross the finish line). Fancy sponsoring me? You can at

Stats this week:

300 mins
43.5km (27.03 miles)

203 mins
29.28km (18.19 miles)

Weight: It was Easter. There was chocolate. I'm not going anywhere near the scales.

Not great but not bad considering injury and the weather. Hopefully now the clocks have gone forward Spring might get it's backside in gear and come out and play.


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