Training Week 11

It's was the penultimate week of training. I didn't have too much to do but this week was ridiculously busy so attempting to run at all was hard.

It was my final trip to Copenhagen and although I was good and didn't drink, I had no idea how to get back to the hotel from our final stop of the night, Ruby Cocktail Bar, so had to wait for the rest to guide me back. The problem was this wasn't until 1am.  I was then rudely awoken by he deliveries outside the hotel at 6.30am. I therefore arrived at breakfast looking just as dishevelled as my colleagues who had enjoyed alcoholic cocktails. It also meant I didn't make it down to the gym for a run.

The best part of last week though was my Birthday Party/Fundraiser Tea Party. A number of friends and family descended on our flat on Saturday. There was cake. There was sandwiches. There was even sunshine which allowed us to stand on the balcony. Most importantly though, there was a raffle. In total through the raffle I raised over £210 which is AMAZING.

There is still time to donate if you wish

I wish I had photos but at 11pm when most people had left we realised we hadn't taken any. Note to self - TAKE PHOTOS!

As mentioned, the sun made an appearance at the weekend. Prior to the party I went for a run. The difference shocked me. I took a route that had taken me around 57 minutes to complete in previous runs in the cold. I completed it in 45 minutes so had to take in a loop of the dock to make up the time. Even that I did quicker than normal. Fingers crossed for nice weather on the day! I just hope it doesn't work against me after spending most of the last 3 months training in wintery conditions!

Stats for the week:

270 mins
39.5km (24.54 miles)

164 mins
26.64km (16.55 miles)

Weight: 66kgs

I missed a fair few runs which was very annoying but I supplemented with cycling and body conditioning so hopefully it will be enough!


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