Hello Remember me?

Or should that be, do I remember that I used to write a blog?

I'll be honest, 2013 was not a great year and I didn't really fancy writing about it.

I could list out all the crap that the year threw at us but to be honest I didn't want to write about it at the time and I still don't want to now.

So why have I decided to come back?

For Christmas I made a promise to @chrisnotwell to sort out some of the issues that made 2013 crap for me. I decided that making a promise to myself was easier to break than making one to him.

I was then told an anecdote on Boxing day that played on my mind for the rest of the Christmas break.

This year I want to do things. This year I want to achieve my goals and do something worthwhile. This year I stop procrastinating. This year I will have stuff worth writing about.

Last year I trained how to use Agile project management methodologies and thought this could be the ideal "project" to put some of that training to use on. After all work only allows me to use it on IT projects so why not see if I can use the principles to manage reaching my goals?

Agile is all about breaking things down into manageable chunks and being able to do them within a particular timeframe. I am looking to break down things as thus:

Goals - Epics
Sub-goals - tasks
Months - time

So my "epics" are overarching goals such as getting down to my target weight, whereas a sub-goal of that is to lose 4lb (task) within 1 month (time).

I plan on having a mini kanban in my bedroom so I can see my progress and I will start updating my blog again to track my progress.

It's geeky I know but if it works for me maybe it will inspire others. Maybe it will show how Agile can be used in non-IT projects. Either way if it helps me achieve my goals for 2014 I'll be happy!!


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