Kanbans, Backlogs and an update on Progress

It's been a busy couple of weeks. Whereas normally this means things I am aiming for slip by the way side, this time it has been because I am working towards my aims that I have been busy.

First and foremost I set myself up a Kanban to keep track of my progress each month:

I then created a backlog of things that I wanted to do for February and March:

From this I can pull tasks forward. I colour coded them to make it more obvious to me when I did pull tasks forward as you can see from the kanban.

So far I am finding the kanban useful for tracking progress and I get a great sense of satisfaction each time I move a ticket across to the "Done" column. Breaking the bigger aims down into smaller tasks has definitely made each one more manageable.

In terms of progress, so far, so good.

  • Lose 4lb in weight - In Progress. So far 2lb lost but my clothes are a lot looser and my stomach more toned.
  • Plank Challenge - In Progress. Up to 90 secs. The first few days seemed really straight forward but now I am up to 90 seconds it is bloody tough.
  • Use the gym and pool in our building at least once - In Progress. I have been making use of the swimming pool and have even been trying to re-teach myself how to breathe whilst doing front crawl. I have goggles and a swimming hat and I am really enjoying it. The gym I'll admit I haven't been so keen to get to but I will probably next weekend. Unless I start running again I cannot see me becoming a regular in the gym but I am hoping to continue visiting the pool on a regular basis.
  • Complete one sewing project - not started as yet but I have been writing down a number of ideas. I have a freer weekend next week so hope to get the sewing machine set up and do one of the ideas I have been working on.
  • Complete one glass painting project - DONE:

  • Update my LinkedIn profile - yet to start on this one. Hopefully I will be able to do this next week as my evenings are fairly quiet next week.
  • Pay £300 of debt - DONE. Actually paid £425 :)
  • No drinking of alcohol from 5th Jan to 6th Feb - In Progress. So far have found that more and more pubs are stocking alcohol free beer which is great when you are not drinking. I can now add Bitburger Drive to the list of tasty alcohol free beers.
  • Fill in myfitnesspal.com app from the 5th Jan until the end of the month - In Progress. It always amazes me how many calories there are in certain foods. On some of the days I think I have been good, turns out to be some of my worst days. It is helping me make decisions on what I eat but I am allowing myself a few treats here and there.
I also brought a task forward from February:

  • Sign up to a Yoga Class - DONE. An opportunity came up at work to do a yoga class at lunchtime. I've signed up for 6 weeks and already done my first session. I have a great instructor and really enjoyed the first class. I am also looking at some evening classes too.

I'm pleased with my progress to date and would say I am well on track to complete everything by the end of the month (bar the detox which spills over into the start of February).


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