January Retrospective

It's the end of the first month of the year and more importantly for me the end of the first month of Project ME.

January Tasks

I set myself a number of tasks. Some easy, some hard, some quick and others that would last the entire month.

  • Lose 4lb (Weight)

  • I was so close. The official word from the Wii is that I lost 3lb. I am disappointed that I didn't get down to 4lb but there is a silver lining to this cloud. My clothes are less tight, I am already having to look at replacing some of the clothing I bought before Christmas as my body shape has changed and I am now quiet toned all over. I am eating healthier and being more conscious about what I eat so hopefully that other 1lb will come off quiet quickly.

  • Plank Challenge (Exercise)

  • Sadly I couldn't complete this. I was determined to do it and up to holding for a minute and a half I was doing ok but I couldn't get past 2 minutes. I didn't give up completely though. I have continued doing planks each day in an attempt to perfect my technique and build up my strength to come back to this later in the year and complete it.

  • Use the gym and pool in our building at least once (Exercise)

  • I have got into a regular routine now of using the pool at the weekends. I even invested in a swimming hat! Not drinking has meant I have woken on Saturdays fresh and awake and keen to go for a swim. I did get to the gym eventually (Monday this week actually) but for some reason I put it off as long as I could. I am not sure why as after my 40 minutes session I felt great and will be ensuring I pop down at least once a week too. I even managed my first tiny run in 6 months!

  • Complete 1 sewing project (Craft)
  • This ended up being a last minute rush but I did come out with something useful which has now stirred my creative juices on how to improve what I did and put the Urban Fox stamp on it. So here is my sewn Blackberry case:

    It means I find my BB in my bag now (the black case I had before rendered it lost in my large handbag).

  • Complete 1 glass painting project (Craft)

  • I actually managed two in the end:

    This one was done using an outline from Hobby Craft which I added the colour to. 

    This one I painted by hand.

  • Update LinkedIn Profile (New Job)

  • Another complete task. My profile is now up to date and I plan on keeping updating it every time I have additional things to add.

  • Pay £300 off debt (Money)

  • I actually paid nearly £500 off in total which I am very pleased with. I am hoping to do the same again next month.

  • No drinking of alcohol from 5th January to 6th February (Health and Wellbeing)
  • As the date dictates this is still in progress but no alcohol has passed my lips since the 5th January. It's been hard though. Last weekend we had a dry Burns Night but thanks to the awesome Landlord at The Old Loyal Britons in Greenwich, we had alcohol free beer to drink. The food was also amazing and only £9.99 for a 3 course meal. I am on course to complete this and looking forward to next Friday when we will treat ourselves to a night out at Brewdog in Shepherds Bush.

  • Fill in MyFitnessPal.com app from 5th January to the end of the month (Health and Wellbeing)
  • Also complete. It has been quite eye opening seeing how many calories are in certain foods. This definitely helped with the weight loss. Seeing how much I have been snacking on helped me cut down as I think this is where I have been gaining weight as I haven't changed much in terms of main meals. It has also been interesting comparing the amount of calories I have eaten in total and the net amount less any exercise I have done.

    I did find that the above wasn't enough so I brought in some tasks from the February backlog to complete as well:

    • Update My CV
    As I was updating my LinkedIn profile it made sense to do this at the same time. I hate writing CV's but for the first time I felt quite driven to do it. I'll admit though that I finished it at 11pm last night so this one was right to the wire!

    • Sign Up to a Yoga Class
    This was one of the first tasks I completed. The opportunity came up at work to join a yoga class and as I wanted to get back into yoga this year I couldn't pass it up. I have done 3 sessions so far and love it. Didn't realise how much I have missed yoga.

    • Make 6 Cards to sell for Valentines Day
    More craftiness. I had an idea and wanted to make a start on it so I brought this task forward.

    I have set up a page on Facebook in order to sell the cards and will soon be adding them to my craft blog www.urbanfoxcrafts.co.uk

    Pass or Fail

    Overall I failed this "sprint" for the plank challenge and weight loss. But I have learnt some good lessons as well. 

    I found planning out my week enabled me to complete tasks. In the past I have used "to do" lists for a week and then found I haven't completed everything on my list but breaking things down by day made everything much more achievable.

    Having the kanban next to my bed has also reminded me daily what I am doing and what I have left to achieve. Although I have always set myself goals, they are on a list, normally on this blog and not somewhere I see everyday.  Also having the tasks visible has enabled @chrisnotwell to push me and support me in what I am doing.

    The February kanban is now set up and I will blog tomorrow about the tasks for this month.


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