New Year, New Me

Hello (again)

I feel I start my first post of the year off the same every year. I haven't written in ages etc. I'm aiming to do better this year.

Well I am making no such promises this year. I would love to write more often but to be honest sometimes life just gets in the way.

The past year has been very busy.

When I started reflecting on it on New Years Eve, although I failed one of my New Year resolutions, I actually achieved a lot of the tasks I set out to achieve for Project ME.

In fact I actually achieved a lot last year. My key tasks were pretty much as follows:

  • Lose weight
  • Exercise more
  • Get a new job
  • Do more crafty stuff
  • look at starting my own business

And out of all that, I only failed to do one. Annoyingly it is the same one I have failed at for the past however many years - weight loss. More annoyingly I am probably bigger at the end of this festive period than I have been in the last 6 years which is even more annoying when I did achieve my goal of exercising more.

Last year was odd. It started well but by the middle I was feeling miserable. I wasn't enjoying my job at all and it was getting me down. I was comfort eating as well as drinking more than I had in a long time (hence the weight gain). 

But realising that low did put me into action to start looking for another job to change things.

And a lot has changed. I started my new job at the start of December, I turned my love of craft into a business with my mum which although still in the early stages at the moment, I am hoping we can make more of a business of it in 2015 (so far we have set up a Facebook page and sold a fair few things at a craft fair). I am running again (new work has a running club on Tuesdays and Thursdays) so plan on doing a few more runs this year and I am still cycling lots.

But my weight is the elephant in the room! And therefore this year my resolutions are simple. My aim is to get to 63kgs and spend the next festive period not feeling sorry for myself. 

We've been here before, I know. But I made a promise to myself back when I lost a significant amount of weight before that I would never get that big again. My size 12's are now getting tight and I am not about to go out and by another wardrobe to accommodate my expanding waist line. So instead it is the only thing I want to achieve this year.

I hate cliched resolutions. I also know this is the hardest one I set myself each year. My love of beer and food does not help. 

From today we are starting our annual post festive season de-tox, a month off the booze (which this year our livers are going to be incredibly thankful for after a very heavy past month).

We have also discussed having a booze free weekend each month this year to help maintain any weight loss.

On the food front I am going to be sensible. I am not about to cut out everything I enjoy out of my diet but I am going to cut down on the bad stuff and eat more sensibly. I had periods of being good last year, meal planning and just watching my portion sizes. That did in all fairness go out the window when December rolled around but I am already planning ahead for January. 

I am not going to make any promises about updating the blog. I have been pretty rubbish at that. I am going to try and update once a month at the very least. Most of the time I will be tweeting about things via @londonfox but when 140 characters are not enough, in the words of Arnie, I'll be back.


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