Changing Perspective

The January detox flew by and was one of the easiest ones we have done to date. However unlike previous detoxes this one did not see me shed the pounds as well.

I did feel a little dejected at the time especially as I was cycling further (new work is 8.5 miles away whereas old work was 6 miles), I was doing body conditioning (which I have now found out is actually a HIIT class) on Monday nights as well as pilates on Wednesdays and had recently joined @BreatheFitPT's bootcamp sessions on Saturday mornings.

At the time I couldn't understand why I hadn't lost anything but after a chat with @BreatheFitPT I realised I was eating things at the wrong time of day. After some soul searching I also realised I hadn't been eating the healthiest of things especially when "treating" myself after a work out.

I'll be honest - I haven't much improved in the past two months with a number of events and celebratory drinks among other things.

After a weekend of indulgence this Easter weekend, I have decided that going forward things have to change but I need to look at things differently.

I have been a size 12 on and off for most of my adult life. I can get down to a 10 but no lower , not that I would want to as my height would make me look rather gangly. These days though, even if I manage to get my waist and hips down to a 10, the amount of cycling I do is unlikely to allow me to get into a size 10 pair of skinny jeans.

So whilst walking around the shops today I decided that I need to embrace being a size 12 for now and rather than constantly worrying about my size, what I need to do is make healthier choices food wise.

Now I love my beer. There is no point in me trying to give it up. What I can do though is limit how many days a week I drink and on the days I do drink I can make healthier choices in the food I eat and limit how much I actually drink.

Same goes with chocolate and sweets. It's not about cutting them out completely but limiting how much I have.

Appreciate none of this is rocket science. But clearly focusing on my measurements is not helping nor is calorie counting.

So the changes I am planning to make this week - more veggies, no snacking, try and get to the gym at least one night as I cannot cycle this week due to meetings and limit my sweet stuff intake (always harder in the week of your birthday!)

I am hoping this shift in focus will yield the results I want rather than the ways I have been trying for the past god knows how many years.

If I remain a size 12 it is not the end of the world but if my body is more toned and I feel better then I'll be happy.


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