Project - I Will Look Awesome In My Wedding Dress - Week 1 Update

Possibly the worst week to have started anything meaningful. Monday was great as I had body conditioning but the days that followed consisted of a gig, a theatre performance, two lots of Christmas drinks, one lot of general drinks and a birthday meal.

And despite my best efforts to limit alcohol, it really isn't helped when Brewdog send you an email to inform you that as a shareholder you get a free bottle of Born to Die this week only when you are due to go to one of their bars that night. It was like they had heard across the internet that I was curbing my intake and trying to tempt me back to the drunk side.

Needless to say I took advantage of my free bottle but for the remainder of the week (bar Saturday) I did limit what I had.

I have also been fairly good with food this week and tried not to snack and eat healthy meals.

I spent some time with Anthony on Saturday coming up with a fitness plan. I didn't do a full work out, just trying out some exercises and seeing how they felt with my back. My shoulders already kill. Come Christmas I will either be sporting a physic Supergirl would be jealous of or sprawled on the sofa a broken mess.

The week in stats:

w/e 22nd Nov 2015
w/e 29th Nov 2015

A very small change but for only a week, and a tough week at that I am quite pleased with that. 

This week will be a lot easier. I only have one night out planned thankfully so eating healthily and getting some decent sleep should be much easier.


  1. Very good babe. Massively impressed with the commitment you are showing. Up at 6 every day to exercise is very motivational. X X

  2. You're doing good and personally I think you'd look awesome in your wedding dress even tomorrow (just so you know)


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