Project - I Will Look Awesome In My Wedding Dress - Week 2 Update

I am only 2 weeks into this project but I am now starting to see some results. They are small, such as clothes not being as tight but it does make a difference!

w/e 29th Nov 2015
w/e 6th Dec 2015

Half a kilo might not seem a lot but actually it is quite significant. When you think of it like a bag of sugar, 500g suddenly feels quite big. Ok my thighs have increased a little but this is likely to be linked to an increase in exercise (more on that next week).

At the moment though I feel it is the food changes that are making the bigger differences.

Big one for this time of year - for the first time I can remember, I do not have a chocolate advent calendar. I decided to forgo having one this year just as a small change to make. There is enough sweet stuff around during the Christmas period. I don't really need to add to it!

I have also changed by breakfast habits. In the past I would get up around 6am, get ready, leave and then grab something to eat once at work. I can guarantee that every day at 11am I was hungry again. Now I am eating breakfast at home. But not just any breakfast. No. I am making sure I have a decent sized breakfast packed with protein. This has ranged from sweet potato hash cakes with poached eggs and bacon, carrot pancakes, as well as porridge with almond milk on the days I cannot face a huge breakfast. But my favourite breakfast at the moment has to be Jamie Oliver's Healthy Cheese and Corn Pancakes. They come with caramelised bananas and bacon. They are awesome and keep me full until lunchtime. They are great for exercise days!

Healthy Cheese and Corn Pancakes

I have also cut down on carbs in my other meals. On non-exercise days I have been replacing rice with cauliflower rice or stocking up on veg instead of carbs. It's a small change again but I feel no less full because of it.

The biggest change is cutting down on snacks. I haven't eradicated them just yet but when I do have them I am trying to make sure they are healthier snacks such as fruit and nuts. As a bit of a half way house I have found some very tasty dried fruit snacks my favourites so far are Nakd's Fruit Salad, Coconut Bliss and Salted Caramel nibbles.

In terms of other snacks I have also become quite partial to rice cakes with a variety of nut butters - who knew there was more than peanut butter out there. I make a point of going for the ones that are just nuts with no other preservatives or additives. I actually prefer them to their salty and oily cousins.

Small changes do make a big difference. Give it a go!


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