Week in awesomeness - 30th Nov to 6th Dec

This was a far quieter week than the previous week which was most definitely a blessing with the Surrey Docks Farm Christmas Fair on the horizon. The early part of the week consisted of allowing myself some time to chill out, getting a much needed sports massage and preparing stock for the fair.

On Thursday I headed over to the Ship, St Mary's for the Wine, Women and Wool Christmas do. I myself wasn't knitting but furiously stitching together Christmas decoration for the fair. In addition to our Christmas bunting from last year, the group donated a new Christmas tree with knitted ornaments (one year I will be able to knit well enough to donate something!).

Our Tree with Knitted Ornaments

We took Urban Fox Crafts over to the Christmas fair on Saturday at Surrey Docks Farm which kept mum and I on our toes as we battled with the wind to stop stock flying around the place. One of the other stall holders didn't fair quite as well as us when the gazebo over their stall collapsed and twisted. One of my glass ornaments flew across the table and onto the floor but somehow remained undamaged. The stall next to us lost a candle in a jar, the smashing sound resonating around the stall area as everyone struggled to hold onto everything.

It was a shame as it did mean I couldn't get my bottle lamps out but I didn't want to risk smashing any of the hard to source bottles that I had. We did though have a great day and nearly sold out of a lot of things by the end of the day. And we were lucky enough to win £50 worth of vouchers in the raffle for Hawker House!

Urban Fox Crafts with Brett from Surrey Docks Farm

In the evening after the fair, we introduced mum to Hawker House (sadly we were not around to collect our prize having already decided to head back after a few more strong gusts of wind sent us chasing after stock). We had another great night down there. As always I had something different - this time a Korean style Philly Steak Cheese bun (very hot but delicious!) from Busan BBQ and treated mum and I to Eton Mess from the Meringue Girls. I love their meringues!

And to round off the weekend, we all headed to Brett's on Sunday night for a Christmas get together and exchange of secret Santa presents. I was lucky enough to receive beer - my second year of receiving such in a Secret Santa - I fear people know me too well!

We played Cards Against Humanity to much hilarity and played Christmas songs. I am not sure what the rest thought of We Wish you a Metal Christmas and A Hard Rocking New Year but I think they enjoyed it!


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