So 7, yes SEVEN, months ago now I got married! Where has the time gone?!

Myself and Mr Fox are enjoying married life. Work has been hectic for both of us - I have been promoted, he has just been rushed off his feet, life in generally has been crazy busy and now we are embarking on buying a house.

We don't really like to take life slowly really!

I am desperate to get back to blogging. There is so much we have done lately! Hopefully I can get some posts up soon with the cool things we have been up to and the cool stuff to come!

But first and foremost, WEDLOAD 2016.

We wanted our wedding to be about us. We made a point of including so many things we loved into the day, not only did we love it, but our guests did too.

A few of the personal touches we made to the day:
  • Instead of a bouquet I threw a punked up Garfield
  • The whole day was themed as a festival, particularly our favourite - Download
  • Instead of a signing book we had a guitar
  • Food stalls instead of a sit down meal
  • Craft beer, and lots of it
  • I walked down the aisle to a track by Red Sparowes, picked by Andy
  • Our signing music was Foo Fighters "Walk" - the track we use as an alarm to signal the start of a new day so seemed a good idea to be the track to signal the start of our lives together
  • We left the service to "Everything is Awesome" from the Lego movie
We had the most amazing day and our friends and family made the day so insanely special and awesome. Below are a selection of photos from our awesome photographer Chris Seddon.

We were also lucky enough to be featured on Marry Me Ink - a blog featuring tattooed brides and grooms. There are a few more photos over there and a bit more information on the wedding.

I cannot believe it has been 7 months already since it happened. It was so much fun on the day. But we have other exciting things in the pipeline now. Watch this space.


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