If at first you don't succeed, try 10 more times!

Regular readers will know it has been a life time goal of mine to run the London Marathon.

Last year I was bitterly disappointed when my lovely husband managed to get a place after the second time of applying whilst my tenth application failed.

But I am not one to give up and therefore made my 11th application this year.

I was out when the pack arrived at home. Andy text me to say it arrived but I asked him not to tell me as I was already having a crap day and didn't want the disappointment to ruin my night at the cinema with my mum.

On the way home I told myself not to get too excited and to face the fact that if I really want to run London I am going to have to apply for a charity place.

I normally tick the box to receive a sports top if I am unsuccessful so when I walked in and saw the pack on something squishy my heart sank. But then I picked it up. There was no top in it. I looked at Andy and looked back at the letter. Could it finally be? Had I forgotten to tick the box this year? Was this another "Sorry" magazine.

I screamed - loudly. I am not sure our neighbours would have been as happy as me considering it was 11.30pm. But FINALLY! After 11 attempts I finally have a place in the London Marathon!

The realisation that I have to train again for marathon is slightly daunting but despite not getting into London this year, Andy is signing up for Brighton so we will be training together again.

And once I have shaken the latest bout of whatever illness I have, I will be donning the running trainers and racking up the miles. First stop, Park Run on Saturday.


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