Road to London - Fallen Fitness

Following yet another bout of sickness, I finally got back out and running again this weekend.

Back in July my office moved from Gloucester Road to Hammersmith and as a result I have had to give up cycling to work and although Ravenscourt Park is just down from the office, it is not as big as Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park for running around. So despite joining the gym, my fitness levels are way off what I have been used to over the past couple of years.

This was telling just from the run down to the park. A mere one mile and I thought I would die.

It was my first Park Run since March. Back then I managed a time of 26.55. This time 30.26. Almost a full four minutes slower!


At least this is a good indication for me as to a) how much cycling was making me fit and b) how much I need to improve to be back to early 2016 levels.

I can at least take some comfort in the fact I have started my training early again. And I have a time to improve on next time. Aim for next Park Run - sub 30 minutes!


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