Albums of the Year No.1: NOFX - First Ditch Effort

And finally we reach my number one album for 2016.

NOFX really should have been a band I loved in my youth along with Blink 182, Green Day, Reel Big Fish and Capdown but I didn't really know much about them until I started dating Andy who was a fan (although not as much as his mate Ryan).

After listening to Linoleum a dozen times as well as other tracks I was hooked. I feel embarrassed though that the first album of theirs I have bought is their 13th studio album!

At Download this year we were lucky enough to catch NOFX headlining the second stage with just a handful of others who were not watching Black Sabbath on the main stage. They are a fun band to watch live and the albums also capture that fun element.

So after a fairly depressing 2016 it is nice to have some fun and laughter. Enjoy!

You can listen to the full album on Spotify here.


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