Sorry for being Slack - Updates on Aims

I've been a busy bee of late. I'm not quite sure how to be honest but free evenings are few and far between at the moment.

Having said that my free time has been eaten up by attempting to complete some of the New Year Aims I set myself at the start of the year. So how am I getting on?

Loosing weight - hmmm. I would love to say I am doing really well at this but hectic social drinking, being ill and eating loads of ice cream and generally not eating particularly well is not assisting at all and I only have myself to blame. I was pleased at starting to cycle to work recently which would have helped me shed the pounds very quickly whilst saving them on not travelling on public transport. But I was then struck down with a nasty viral throat infection which has wiped my energy and ensure I spend my time wrapped up warm rather than wearing sporty attire on a bike. Alas, the infection appears to be going (although a lot slower than I would like) so hopefully I will be back in the saddle soon enough.

Getting a new job - I haven't been as active on this as I would have liked, not just because of a lack of spare time but also a lack of suitable positions to apply for. However I have been applying and more and more vacancies are starting to flow through the agency I am signed up to. No interviews as yet but I am hopeful something will come up soon.

Listing stuff on eBay - Now this is something I am pleased to report back is going rather well. Not having the same amount of space in my new place as I did previously is really spurring me on to list things. I have so far made about £50 which is great news and I have a number of items up for auction at the moment. I am hoping to have most things listed by the end of tonight or at the bare minimum prepared for listing.

Pay off my graduate loan - this is another positive. If I can raise some more money from eBay this month I could have this cleared on my April pay day. I'm quite excited about this as having my loan cleared is a massive milestone in clearing my debt.

And that is about it for now. It's not much but it is some kind of progress!


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