Project ME

And so we come to the start of Project ME.

In my previous post I discussed why I have come back to blogging and what I am planning on writing about over the next year.

In order to start Project ME, I had to come up with a list of goals to complete before the end of the year. I doubt this is the final list and as time passes I expect Project ME like the work projects I work on to evolve and the requirements to change.

But I needed to start somewhere. Here are my Epics (goals) for the year so far:

1. WEIGHT. You must be all bored of seeing this on my "to do" list by now. I know I am! Due to reasons of ill health and a compressed disc in my back, last year saw me reach a figure on the scales I haven't seen for a while. While I haven't ballooned into an overweight lard arse, my clothes are much tighter and I am not exactly thrilled when I see myself in the mirror. My aim is to get to 64kgs initially and then try by the end of the year to reduce to 62kgs.

2. EXERCISE. I love exercising. It helps me balance out my love of beer with my love of staying trim. Unfortunately having a compressed disc makes exercising difficult and bloody painful. The back is on the mend now and although I won't be running any marathons anytime soon, I want to get back into a routine of exercise and take up some yoga classes to ensure I can continue to enjoy exercising and not let my back get the better of me.

3. CRAFTS. I set up another blog last year in an attempt to sell some of my crafty outputs. I planned on a launch in May. It never happened. In fact last year I failed to do anything craft related in the second half of the year except some knitting at a monthly group down the pub. This year I must and will do better.

4. NEW JOB. This might seem a little weird as I only started a new job at the start of 2013 but in order to further my career I feel this is needed.

5. MONEY. I am not doing badly on the debt front but I still have some debt outstanding and I wish to clear it all by the middle of the year and then start some serious savings.

6. HEALTH AND WELLBEING. Although this may seem like a repeat of 1 and 2, I assure you that they are very different. This goal covers healthy eating, detoxes and the like.

7. ENTREPRENEURIAL STUFF. This is new for me and a hard one too but for ages now I have complained about certain things not being available or not made for women specifically. Rather than continue to complain in Great British fashion I thought, why not do it/supply it myself? So I need to look into some things and see how far I can get on my own. I see this as the hardest one but I like a challenge! And this time I am not just saying that either!

So those are my Epics. Now onto the sub-goals (tasks) for this month:


  • Lose 4lb (Weight)
  • Plank Challenge (Exercise)
  • Use the gym and pool in our building at least once (Exercise)
  • Complete 1 sewing project (Craft)
  • Complete 1 glass painting project (Craft)
  • Update LinkedIn Profile (New Job)
  • Pay £300 off debt (Money)
  • No drinking of alcohol from 5th January to 6th February (Health and Wellbeing)
  • Fill in app from 5th January to the end of the month (Health and Wellbeing)

Breaking down the goals into these bite sized chunks for January, for me at least, feels more achievable than looking at the bigger goals. 

I am setting up a small kanban in my bedroom to help me track my progress and I will be updating on here too.

So here is to the start of Project ME. A year to achieve my goals and tasks to complete each month to help me get there.


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